(And She's Got A Plan for You)

Successful business owners have to be proficient in a variety of areas. Managing inventory and payroll as well as hiring and training employees are among the many jobs that have to be performed properly for a business to be profitable. But even performing those tasks might not be enough to keep a business afloat if the marketing outreach to its existing (and potentially new) customers is inadequate – or if those messages get lost in the clutter of today’s rapidly changing digital environment.

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This is why many businesses, large and small, have turned to Amberly Bucci. An Albany native now established in Saratoga County, she has acquired a substantial amount of expertise in a relatively short period of time. The following is but one of the many accolades she has received for her work:   


“Amberly was amazing to work with! Always friendly, efficient, and enthusiastic when talking about her field. She was a great asset in expanding our Facebook ad campaigns. Having her as a consultant gave us the confidence to know we were on the right track.”

- Brook S., Stewart’s Shops

“It’s understandable that business owners can feel overwhelmed with all the options that are out there,” Bucci said. “I see myself as a guide for them. My goal is to help business owners leverage the power of internet marketing and boost their bottom line.” 


A consultation with Bucci starts with an audit of a business’ current marketing efforts that is specific to it and its goals. It takes into account both the content and frequency of messages, and where they are placed. The audit yields a digital marketing blueprint – a plan and roadmap to get clients’ messages to cut through the clutter and to the top of search engines. 


The blueprint also includes recommendations for utilizing social media, video content, search engine optimization, website design, influencer marketing, and email marketing. As the blueprint is rolled out, the successful data is analyzed, and the content is modified as needed.   


Bucci offers her expertise to clients one on one as well in group digital marketing workshops that provide a full day of intensive content. With the rise of COVID-19, she noted that both of these formats can be delivered virtually.

Bucci’s entire career has been devoted to marketing, beginning at age 16 when she conducted surveys of shoppers at Crossgates Mall in Guilderland. By the time she was 23, she was conducting marketing seminars in South Korea. Her career grew from there.


“Marketing is an investment,” Bucci said, “but if you do it right, it can be a substantial revenue generator. The approach I like my clients to take is to view their marketing as a marathon, not a sprint.”


She said that if clients trust working with her, they can “take control of (their) digital platforms and make it work successfully.” Her goal, she added, is working together to “create strategic and creative campaigns that bring real results.”


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